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The Nuby 4-Stage Oral Care Set promotes the early development of good dental hygiene. The soft materials and bristles are designed especially with a child in mind. The result of this special attention to detail is a product you and your child can use with ease. The first stage allows parent to brush and massage gums gently, while the second massages and helps gently clean as teeth began to erupt. The third stage massages and cleans during the teething process. The stage-4 bristle design provides a smooth transition.
Stage 1: Extra soft silicone massager and gum cleaner for delicate newborn gums.
Stage 2: Soft gum massager for older gums and newly erupted teeth.
Stage 3: Massages and helps clean gums and teeth during the teething process.
Stage 4: Soft nylon bristles gently clean baby’s new teeth.
Perfect size for baby.
Protects primary teeth.
1 piece



100% silicone bristles provide a gentle cleansing for emerging teeth
The Nana Nubs Massager is made of extra soft silicone with your baby’s comfort in mind
Raised, offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant’s gums
Sized for maximum effectiveness and easy enough for baby to hold. Easy to clean/ top rack dishwasher safe
3 Months + / BPA Free



  • Soft silicone bristles gently massage new teeth and gums
  • Super soft silicone handle is easy for baby to hold
  • Includes protective case for when gum massager is not in use
  • Colors may vary. You will receive one of the following colors: Pink, Blue, Green, or Aqua
  • 0 Months + / BPA Free