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Made from BPA FREE durable, break-resistant plastic. Can be boiled; top rack dishwasher safe; microwave steam sterilizer safe. Graduated in both ounces and ml. An anti-colic nipple helps to prevent ingestion of air by baby, which may cause colic. Nûby™ has taken this one step further by adding the Nûby™ nipple with raised offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant’s gums. The first and only Non-Drip™ nipple is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills. With a pressure sensitive valve feature safely built right into the nipple, fluid only flows out of nipple with sucking actions of baby. This special valve closes when sucking action ceases, ensuring a leak-resistant bottle.

  • 1 piece

-Standard Neck
-Soft silicone Non-Drip™ Vari-flo™ nipple with anti-colic air system
-Vari-flo™ valve allows child to control flow rate!
-Decorated with fun characters
-BPA free



The Nuby 4-Stage Oral Care Set promotes the early development of good dental hygiene. The soft materials and bristles are designed especially with a child in mind. The result of this special attention to detail is a product you and your child can use with ease. The first stage allows parent to brush and massage gums gently, while the second massages and helps gently clean as teeth began to erupt. The third stage massages and cleans during the teething process. The stage-4 bristle design provides a smooth transition.
Stage 1: Extra soft silicone massager and gum cleaner for delicate newborn gums.
Stage 2: Soft gum massager for older gums and newly erupted teeth.
Stage 3: Massages and helps clean gums and teeth during the teething process.
Stage 4: Soft nylon bristles gently clean baby’s new teeth.
Perfect size for baby.
Protects primary teeth.
1 piece